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Life Held Hostage

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HordeLife Held Hostage

Cadarin holding Valentine.
Start Nathanos Blightcaller
End Nathanos Blightcaller
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 22,300
Reputation +150 The Honorbound
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous H [120] Return to the Harbor
Next H [120] The Aid of the Tides


Help Nathanos Blightcaller with the last of Proudmoore's forces.


As Lilian has pointed out, it seems we have a final visitor.

Shall we go pay him a visit?


You will receive:


There is nothing left for us here. Let us return.


We have the scepter, we maintain our possession of Derek's corpse...

Let us return to somewhere a little more... homey.


On accept
Lilian Voss says: I am getting restless. Allow me to provide my aid from the shadows.
Lilian stealths and goes outside.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Let us see who Proudmoore has sent now.
Nathanos moves to the stairs.
General Cadarin yells: Show your face, Horde scum! We have a friend of yours.
General Cadarin says: Return Derek Proudmoore to my hands, and you shall have your man back.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Ah, my good man. That is a tactic that I could see working on somebody other than myself...
Nathanos Blightcaller says: But frankly, you can do what you want with Valentine. He means nothing to us.
General Cadarin says: So be it, corpse. I will recover Derek's body over your dead one.
Cadarin kills Valentine and drops the body.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Take care of this nuisance, <name>.
Nathanos leaves.
After some time of combat, Lilian appears and jumps on Cadarin.
Lilian Voss says: Time to die!
Cadarin dies
General Cadarin says: Derek will be returned to us... one way or another.
Lilian Voss says: Ah... another day, another kill.
Lilian stealths and moves away.


  1. H [120] Operation: Hook and Line
  2. H [120] When a Plan Comes Together
  3. H [120] Old Colleagues & H [120] The Bulk of the Guard
  4. H [120] A Well Placed Portal
  5. H [120] Relics of Ritual, H [120] Forfeit Souls, H [120] Tidesage Teachings
  6. H [120] Gaining the Upper Hand
  7. H [120] Return to the Harbor
  8. H [120] Life Held Hostage
  9. H [120] The Aid of the Tides
  10. H [120] Champion: Lilian Voss & H [120] A Cycle of Hatred

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