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Lightforge Armor

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Lightforge Armor is the first dungeon set for paladins.


Item Bind Dropped by Found in
[Lightforge Belt] BoE Trash mobs Stratholme
[Lightforge Boots] BoP Balnazzar Stratholme
[Lightforge Bracers] BoE Trash mobs Scholomance
[Lightforge Breastplate] BoP General Drakkisath Upper Blackrock Spire
[Lightforge Gauntlets] BoE Timmy the Cruel Stratholme
[Lightforge Helm] BoP Darkmaster Gandling Scholomance
[Lightforge Legplates] BoP Baron Rivendare Stratholme
[Lightforge Spaulders] BoP The Beast Upper Blackrock Spire



Lightforge Armor

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