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Lightforged Paladin

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AllianceLightforged Paladin
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Gender Both
Race Lightforged draenei (Humanoid)
Level 120
Class Paladin
Resource Mana
Reaction Horde
Location Tiragarde Sound
Status Killable

Lightforged Paladins are Lightforged draenei located at the Norwington Estate in Tiragarde Sound.


  • Spell holy holysmite.png  Crusader Strike — Inflicts 150% of normal weapon damage to an enemy.
  • Ability thunderclap.png  Hammer of Wrath — Hurls a hammer that strikes an enemy for Holy damage.

Objective of


  • All Horde.. will be... purged...
  • The Horde will never win...!
  • The Horde will... pay...
  • The Light forsakes you!
  • The Light... will survive...
  • You will... be stopped...

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