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Lights Out

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HordeLights Out
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Type Faction Assault World Quest
Category Drustvar
Experience 24,700 - 26,800
Reputation +150 The Honorbound



Rokhan says: Da spirits be whisperin' of some powerful voodoo nearby. Find it... and make sure da Alliance don't.


You will receive:

You will also receive one of the following:


Rokhan says: We sent dem reelin', mon. Taz'dingo!



On approach
Witch Doctor Hez'tok says: Da Alliance be sendin' Lightforged reinforcements to fight us here.
Witch Doctor Hez'tok says: Dey t'ink deir shiny walls and bright lights be keepin' us outta dis city.
Witch Doctor Hez'tok says: Da spirits disagree...
Witch Doctor Hez'tok yells: Ancient spirits, abandoned and forgotten, I be here. I remember ya.
Witch Doctor Hez'tok yells: Fill dese vessels wit ya pain, ya rage, and ya powa!
Witch Doctor Hez'tok yells: To all dose dat oppose us here, we cry... DOOM!
Mask of Impending Doom yells: DOOM!
Ready to release the Doomsoul
Witch Doctor Hez'tok says: Try hittin' dose big crystal Barrier Generators to knock out the Lightforged barriers for good!
  • Arom's Stand Watchman yells: Hold the line! Our people are counting on us!
  • Arom's Stand Watchman yells: We are doomed!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: It burns... everwhere!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: This is the work of witches... or worse!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: This fight is hopeless!
  • Arom's Stand Watchman yells: Abandon your post! The city is lost!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: Drustvar is doomed!
  • Arom's Stand Watchman yells: It burns... everwhere!
  • Purified Healer yells: Hold the line!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: Abandon your post! The city is lost!
  • Purified Healer yells: We are doomed!
  • Purified Soldier yells: This fight is hopeless!
  • Purified Protector yells: It burns... everwhere!
  • Purified Soldier yells: This is not possible!
  • Purified Soldier yells: It burns... everwhere!
  • Arom's Stand Watchman yells: Drustvar is doomed!
  • Arom's Stand Militiaman yells: We are cursed!
  • Purified Protector yells: This is not possible!

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