Lilian Voss (tactics)

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For character biography, see Lilian Voss.
BossLilian Voss
Image of Lilian Voss
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Undead)
Level 43 - 92 Elite
Mana 1,432 - 10,312
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Scholomance
Status Defeatable

Lilian Voss is the fourth boss in Scholomance.


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Adventure Guide

Course: Reeducation

The undead Lilian Voss strangled her father--a high priest of the Scarlet Crusade--for treachery, and then started a rampage that eventually led her into the shadowy corridors of Scholomance. Rather than destroy the intruder, Darkmaster Gandling graciously decided to show Voss how to embrace her grim fate. The anger and runeblades she had once directed at the school are now turned toward Gandling's enemies.

Spells and Abilities

Stage 1: Fetch Me Their Bones!

Darkmaster Gandling turns Lilian Voss against her former allies, employing her powerful abilities to gather more corpses for his devious purposes.Though she tries to fight against his dark will, she cannot control her actions at this time.

  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png  Shadow Shiv — Lilian leaps onto a player and strikes them with both runeblades, inflicting 600 Shadow damage to players within 8 yards.
  • Ability deathknight aoedeathgrip.png  Death's Grasp — Lilian draws upon dark powers to pull all players to her location.
  • Spell fire twilightimmolation.png  Dark Blaze Important — Periodically summons a patch of dark fire at the player's location, inflicting 100 Fire damage every 0.50 seconds.

Stage 2: Your Soul is Mine!

When Lilian's health reaches 50%, her will finally breaks. Darkmaster Gandling forcefully rips her anguished soul from her physical body, then commands Lilian's Soul to attack the players.

  • Spell fire twilightpyroblast.png  Blazing Soul — Lilian's soul blazes with barely-contained hatred, periodically inflicting 150 Fire damage to all players.
  • Spell shadow summonvoidwalker.png  Unleashed Anguish Important — Lilian's anguish is further unleashed when striking players in melee. For every melee strike, Lilian will unleash another barrage of Blazing Soul. However, the movement speed of Lilian's Soul is significantly reduced.
  • Spell shadow skull.png  Fixate Anger — Lilian's Soul fixates on a player. She will only attempt to attack that player and cannot be taunted.

Stage 3: A Perfectly Good Corpse

When Lilian's Soul reaches 25% health, Darkmaster Gandling reanimates what remains of Lilian's physical body to fight alongside Lilian's Soul.

The reanimated corpse retains all abilities Lilian Voss used in Stage One.

Finale: Die, Necromancer!

When Lilian's physical body reaches 1% health, she musters the strength to recombine with her soul for a final assault on Darkmaster Gandling.


Charge in and spread out at least eight yards away from each other. The tank should try to keep Voss in a corner.

The fight starts off fairly straightforward—focus on Lilian as the tank keeps her in a corner of the room. She will occasionally leap away from the tank on to the back of another player and do a combined shiv-arcane explosion move, damaging the player she is riding and any other players within eight yards. If she picks someone in melee, that player should run away from the rest of the melee group so the explosion doesn't hit anyone else.

Occasionally, she will Death's Grasp all players to her location and explode. All players will take some damage and leave trails of fire on the ground that last until the next Death's Grasp cast. This is the reason Voss should be tanked in a corner, as players on fire should try to stick to the walls to leave as much room as possible for running around and positioning.

At around 50%, Gandling will stun Voss and start separating her soul from her body. Keep attacking Voss' body while it is possible! The less health she has in phase three, the easier that part of the fight will go. Well-geared groups (on either difficulty) can actually kill Voss before Gandling tears out her soul, skipping the next phases entirely.

Voss' soul cannot be tanked normally—she fixates on random players and chases them around the room. All other players should unload on the spirit, while the runner should trace the outside walls of the room to ensure maximum run distance.

When Voss' soul runs out of health, Gandling will resurrect Lilian's body with whatever amount of health it had left before it was "killed". Quickly pop cooldowns once the tank has control and move all DPS back to her body to finish her off. The soul cannot be attacked, but it still has all its abilities, so it is imperative that it last for as little time as possible. The soul will continue fixating on players, so that player will have to DPS Voss' body on the run.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Dark Blaze Gauntlets]  [Dark Blaze Gauntlets] Strength/crit Plate hands
 [Leggings of Unleashed Anguish]  [Leggings of Unleashed Anguish] Intellect/crit Cloth legs
 [Necklace of the Dark Blaze]  [Necklace of the Dark Blaze] Strength/dodge Neck
 [Shivbreaker Vest]  [Shivbreaker Vest] Intellect/spirit Mail chest
 [Soulburner Crown]  [Soulburner Crown] Agility/hit Leather head


Darkmaster Gandling yells: Did you forget, girl? I am the darkmaster! I command the undead!
Lilian Voss yells: I...won't let you...
Darkmaster Gandling yells: Now turn your lovely runeblades on our guests, and fetch me their bones!
Talking Skull yells: There he is! Kill him now, <name>!
Lilian Voss says: I can't fight him...
Death's grasp
Lilian Voss yells: It burns!
Darkmaster Gandling says: I can feel her will breaking... her soul burns so brightly.
Darkmaster Gandling says: Now, Lilian, it is time for your transformation.
Lilian Voss yells: END IT! NOW! Before he can...NNNNHHHHAAHHHHHHH!
Gandling separates Voss' soul from her body.
Darkmaster Gandling yells: YOUR SOUL IS MINE!
Lilian's Soul says: ...
Lilian's Soul fixates on <name>!
Soul "death"
Lilian's Soul fades into the spirit realm! It can no longer be harmed!
Darkmaster Gandling says: Why let a perfectly good corpse go to waste?
Darkmaster Gandling says: How intriguing, her spirit will not relinquish its grasp on this world.
Darkmaster Gandling says: How does it feel, Voss? To watch them hack your mortal body to pieces?
Darkmaster Gandling yells: What?!
Voss' body and soul merge back together.
Lilian Voss yells: DIE, NECROMANCER!
Darkmaster Gandling yells: The bones! You wretch!
Talking Skull yells: Stop him! Forget about her!
Gandling runs off to the opposite side of the room and teleports before the door.
Lilian Voss says: Leave die...alone...please...
Lilian collapses in the center of the room.


Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-03-12): "Fixed an issue in Challenge Mode where players may not receive credit for killing Lilian Voss."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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