Lilies for Ryuli

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NeutralLilies for Ryuli

110 (Requires 110)


N Monk [110] The River to Ban-Lu


N Monk [110] The Trial of Ban-Lu


Collect 6 Moon Lilies for Waterspeaker Ryuli.


I have not seen Ban-Lu, but the waters will surely know where he is.

There is a flower that grows in the lakes of the mountain slopes near the Temple of the White Tiger, that only blooms in the presence of someone pure of heart.

Bring me six of these Moon Lilies and I shall use them to speak to the river.


How goes the Moon Lily collection, Grandmaster?


Thank you. Allow me to search for answers for you.


Travel due north to the Temple of the White Tiger, but do not enter the building. Instead, fly down to the flowing waters that border the temple's east side. There are hostile Coldfin Carp, but they can be avoided by using [Zen Flight] to interact with the flowers without dismounting. Once you have collected all six, get on an actual flying mount — dismounting first is not necessary — and return to Waterspeaker Ryuli.

Quest completion
Waterspeaker Ryuli says: I shall commune with the water now...
Waterspeaker Ryuli says: How interesting.


  1. N Monk [110] Master Who?
  2. N Monk [110] The Tale of Ban-Lu
  3. N Monk [110] Return to the Broken Peak
  4. N Monk [110] The Trail of Ban-Lu
  5. N Monk [110] Smelly's Luckydo
  6. N Monk [110] The Shadow of Ban-Lu
  7. N Monk [110] Clean-up on Aisle Sha
  8. N Monk [110] The River to Ban-Lu
  9. N Monk [110] Lilies for Ryuli
  10. N Monk [110] The Trial of Ban-Lu

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