Lion's Watch Rifleman

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AllianceLion's Watch Rifleman
Image of Lion's Watch Rifleman
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 100 Elite
Health 1,467,810
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ironforge
Location Lion's Watch, Tanaan Jungle

Lion's Watch Riflemen are dwarves located at Lion's Watch in Tanaan Jungle. They are involved in the Alliance offensive against Gul'dan's Iron Horde in Tanaan. They are stationed atop the tower in Lion's Watch. Some of them can be seen patrolling the edge while several others are seen resting. Two can be seen playing a game of Hearthstone, and will often utter quotes and phrases that reference various Hearthstone inside jokes.

Playing Hearthstone


  • "Murlocs? Nooooo! Why did it have to be Murlocs?"
  • "Mind controlled again? Noooooo!"
  • "I'm on a winning streak with this new strategy. I call it my 'menagerie' deck."
  • "Eh? I'm new to this game. Got any tips for building mah deck?"
  • "Wha?!? Now just how did that dragon pop out o' that shredder?"
  • "Did you just unleash the hounds on me?"

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