Lionheart Blade

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Lionheart Blade is an epic two-handed sword. It is created by blacksmiths with a skill level of 350 who also have the Swordsmith specialty.

The components are:
Spell nature lightningoverload.png 10x [Primal Might] Inv ingot 09.png 14x [Khorium Bar]
Inv ingot adamantite.png 6x [Hardened Adamantite Bar]


This item is a reagent for the Tier 2 version of this sword: [Lionheart Champion]. This item can only be equipped by a Master Swordsmith.


The Lion Heart is a famous Gunblade used by Squall Leonhart. The WoW model bears similarities to this weapon, including a winged hilt and decorative bladed edge.[1]

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