List of Warcraft references in pop culture

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This article contains a list of Warcraft references in pop culture.


  • Bitcoin Billionaire (appstore)
    • An achievement called War of Worldcraft is achieved when owning at least 50 Video Game Industries.
      • The achievement name is an obvious reference to World of Warcraft but just swapping World and War.
  • Mass Effect
    • In the first mission on Eden Prime, Corporal Richard L. Jenkins dies in a cutscene because he rushes headfirst into a group of geth. (Video)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    • There is a hidden spot where you see a sword which looks very much like Frostmourne and has "Arthas" engraved in it. (Video)
  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
    • An achievement called World of Warpcraft is an obvious reference to World of Warcraft. To earn this achievement, you had to destroy 6 Terran units as they are warped in during the “Dark Whispers” mission on at least Normal difficulty.
  • Terraria
    • In patch 1.2.0, a new weapon called the Icemourne was added to the game, resembling the Frostmourne. The weapon was later replaced in a new patch to avoid copyright infringment.
Goat Simulator map style
  • Goat Simulator
    • A DLC for the game which is a MMO that has obvious references to World of Warcraft.
      • Some users may call it, World of GoatCraft.
      • The Goatshire town is an obvious reference to Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.
      • The Goatwind city is an obvious reference to Stormwind City in Elwynn Forest.
      • The art style used for the maps is much like the WoW's maps.
      • As described on the main Steam store page:
        • The game contains five different classes; some related to Warcraft: Warrior, Rouge, and Hunter
          • Rouge is the word used by players who don't know how to spell, Rogue.
        • Level cap is 101, 1 level higher than you-know-what.
        • There are even elves and dwarves like in that movie.


  • Level up
    • One character always yells Leroy's famous battle cry before heading into battle.
    • A subtle reference is that the character screen is just an edited version of the World of Warcraft character list.
  • Zombieland
    • In the first part of the movie you see Columbus playing.

TV series

  • How I Met Your Mother
    • In Episode 6 of Season 3, Ted says he met a girl on the internet. It is later found that he met while her playing. At the end of the episode, an in-game clip in Stranglethorn Vale show a male draenei talking to and a human female, Ted is the human female. (Video)
    • In Episode 19 of Season 4, Barney says "All right chums, let's do this!" then he goes out the door while yelling "Barneeey Stinsoooon!". (Video)
  • How to Get Away with Murder
    • In Episode 8 of Season 2, Philip explains that he had a hacker alert set up because other gamers have tried to steal his conquest points because he had so many. Oliver clarifies it's World of Warcraft.
  • Leverage
    • Harddisson and a mark exchange Horde solidarity in the offices of the corporate tower. (Video)
  • Moonlight
    • In the season finale Logan attempts to run a van off the road while yelling "LEEEEROY JEEEENKINS!!" (Video)
  • Nikita
    • In Episode 2 of Season 2 "Falling Ash", when Birkhoff and Alicia are discussing computer specs, Alicia mentions that she used to work IT, and knows her way "around Azeroth".
  • Stargate Atlantis
    • During the episode 10 of Season 3, Dr Lee discuss with Dr Weir of her the "silent passion". (Video)
    • During Episode 2 of Season 4, Dr Lee compares a planet of the Pegasus galaxy to Elwynn Forest. (Video)
  • Stargate Universe
    • Eli compares carrying Chole, who has been shot in the leg, to carrying a full pack over the Redridge Mountains to Stonard. (Video)
Warcraft-themed Family Guy episode.
  • The Big Bang Theory
    • In the pilot episode Howard Wolowitz is seen playing for a short period of time. (Video)
    • In Episode 4 of Season 4, Howard and Bernadette have a fight because she caught him having cybersex with a female troll under the "Bridge of Souls" (which turns out to be a male co-worker)
    • In Episode 19 of Season 4, Sheldon's account has been hacked, and the whole plot revolves around the incident. (Video 1, Video 2)
  • Supernatural
    • In Episode 12 of Season 6, Sam is looking for terms such as fire, claws and gold. The results are the World of Warcraft fansites.