Living Breastplate

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Living Breastplate is leather chest armor with stamina, spirit, nature resistance, and an increase to healing.


Living Breastplate is crafted by Leatherworkers with a skill level of 300.

Materials required
Inv misc leatherscrap 02.png 16x [Rugged Leather] Spell nature abolishmagic.png 8x [Living Essence]
Inv fabric moonrag 01.png 2x [Mooncloth] Inv misc pelt bear 03.png 1x [Cured Rugged Hide]
Spell shadow antimagicshell.png 2x [Rune Thread]

 [Pattern: Living Breastplate] used to drop off Decaying Horror in The Weeping Cave in Western Plaguelands. It no longer drops since Patch 4.0.3a.

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Living Breastplate now has Stamina, but had its Nature Resistance lowered.

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