Living Root of the Wildheart

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Living Root of the Wildheart is an epic trinket for druids.


This item drops from Hydross the Unstable in Serpentshrine Cavern.


This trinket is ideal for hybrid "multi-role" builds. While most raiding druids are specialists who would find other trinkets superior, this is nevertheless a useful trinket for a variety of situations. Restoration druids who need soloing gear will especially appreciate the proc. Feral Tanks who are close to the armor cap of 35,580 might benefit from other trinkets when tanking.

The proc appears to be a flat 3% per spell or attack, with no hidden cooldown (unlike  [Hourglass of the Unraveller]). The buff can proc while the buff is already up, renewing the duration. Thus, druids using faster attacks (Cat 1.0 attack speed or Tree spamming Lifebloom after every 1.5 second global cooldown) will proc more often. For a Tree druid, this trinket can compete for +heal/5 min with dedicated healing trinkets such as the  [Lower City Prayerbook].

Powers by form
[Cat Form]: 64 strength
[Bear Form]/ [Dire Bear Form]: 4070 armor
[Moonkin Form]: 209 dmg
Tree of Life Form: 326 healing
Caster Form: 175 dmg/healing

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