Livingston Marshal

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AllianceLivingston Marshal
Image of Livingston Marshal
Title <Innkeeper>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 35
Health 922
Mana 2785
Affiliation(s) Stormwind
Location Fort Livingston, Northern Stranglethorn [53.2, 66.8]

Livingston Marshal is the innkeeper at Fort Livingston in Northern Stranglethorn as well as a quest giver there. The fort seems to be named after him. He is interested in obtaining the  [Mind's Eye] from Mai'Zoth.


As part of the Rise of the Zandalari quest chain, Livingston Marshal has these additional quests:

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.


  • He and Joseph were good friends before he joined the Scarlet Crusade.


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

In The Mind's Eye, Livingston mentions a brother and a sister: they are probably Hol'anyee and Williden Marshal, that are explorers like him.

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