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Title <The Felwing Matriarch>
Gender Female
Race Felbat (Demon)
Level 110 Elite
Health 38,832,215
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Felwing Ledge, Mardum
Status Alive

Lixahl is a felbat located at Felwing Ledge on Mardum.


  • Spell fire fireballgreen.png  Corrosive Maw — The Felwing's mouth drips corrosive acid, firing globs of goo in a frontal direction. Standing in this pool inflicts 222474 Nature damage every second.
  • Inv felbatmount.png  Fel Breath — The caster exhales a cone of Fel flames that inflicts 56 Fire damage to all enemies within 60 yards every second.
  • Ability gouge.png  Fel Swipe — Inflicts 0 Physical damage every half-second for 3 sec.
  • Spell shadow mindtwisting.png  Piercing Screech — Silences and pacifies a target for 10 sec and additionally disorients them for 2 sec.

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