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This is a user-defined function that you can copy and paste into your addon.


This page is badly outdated and should no longer be used. For localized class names of specific units, use UnitClass. For a generalized list, use the builtin tables LOCALIZED_CLASS_NAMES_MALE and LOCALIZED_CLASS_NAMES_FEMALE; the keys are the second return value of UnitClass ('WARLOCK', 'DEATHKNIGHT', etc) and the values are the names in the client locale.

You can use the builtin command /dump LOCALIZED_CLASS_NAMES_MALE in the game client to see the table.

*Original page follows*

Provides a table of class names in the user's locale. Keys are in enUS, values in the current locale.

local locale = GetLocale()
-- Localized class names.  Index == enUS, value == localized
local classnames = locale == "deDE" and {
	["Warlock"] = "Hexenmeister",
	["Warrior"] = "Krieger",
	["Hunter"] = "Jäger",
	["Mage"] = "Magier",
	["Priest"] = "Priester",
	["Druid"] = "Druide",
	["Paladin"] = "Paladin",
	["Shaman"] = "Schamane",
	["Rogue"] = "Schurke",
} or locale == "frFR" and {
	["Warlock"] = "D\195\169moniste",
	["Warrior"] = "Guerrier",
	["Hunter"] = "Chasseur",
	["Mage"] = "Mage",
	["Priest"] = "Pr\195\170tre",
	["Druid"] = "Druide",
	["Paladin"] = "Paladin",
	["Shaman"] = "Chaman",
	["Rogue"] = "Voleur",
} or {
	["Warlock"] = "Warlock",
	["Warrior"] = "Warrior",
	["Hunter"] = "Hunter",
	["Mage"] = "Mage",
	["Priest"] = "Priest",
	["Druid"] = "Druid",
	["Paladin"] = "Paladin",
	["Shaman"] = "Shaman",
	["Rogue"] = "Rogue",

A reverse lookup table can also be created simply:

local reverseclassnames = {}
for i,v in pairs(classnames) do reverseclassnames[v] = i end