Lokholar the Ice Lord (Through the Dark Portal)

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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Name Faction Supertype Type Talent Subtype Card

Horde Lokholar the Ice Lord Horde Ally
Talent Professions Tags
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Full Art

You pay (1) less to play Lokholar for each non-token Horde ally in your party.

At the start of each opponent’s turn, Lokholar deals 2 frost damage to each hero and ally in that player's party. A character dealt damage this way can’t attack this turn.

"I drink in your suffering, mortal. Let your essence congeal with Lokholar!"
Race Class ATK type ATK Def Strike cost
Elemental Frost 10
Allowed Cost
Race Class Profession
Set Number Rarity Artist Health
Through the Dark Portal 222/319 Epic Dan Scott 10