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Lord Azrethoc

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MobLord Azrethoc
Image of Lord Azrethoc
Gender Male
Race Doomguard (Demon)
Level 40 Elite
Health 4,500
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Mannoroc Coven, Desolace

Lord Azrethoc is a level 40 elite doomguard and a demon lord found in Mannoroc Coven in Desolace. Takata Steelblade of Ghost Walker Post wants Azrethoc killed.


Lord Azrethoc leads several agents of the Burning Legion, including felhounds, infernals, doomguards and succubi, that reside in the Mannoroc Coven.[1]

He is a powerful demon who seeks to gain influence with the Burning Blade cult by signing a number of demonic contracts with its members.

Objective of

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.


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