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Lord Stormsong (tactics)

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For character biography, see Lord Stormsong.
BossLord Stormsong
Image of Lord Stormsong
Gender Male
Race K'thir (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Location Storm's End, Shrine of the Storm
Status Killable

Lord Stormsong is the third boss of Shrine of the Storm.

Adventure Guide

Master of House Stormsong, Lord Stormsong leads the tidesages in their oceanic blessings and ways. However, not all is as it seems...


Item Type
Aq'mar, the Tidecaller (H · M) Caster one-hand sword
Void-Drenched Cape (H · M) Cloak
Binding of the Calling Depths (H · M) Mail bracers
Bracers of the Sacred Fleet (H · M) Leather bracers
Gauntlets of Total Subservience (H · M) Plate gauntlets
Leggings of the Drowned Lord (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic Cloth armor set


Stormsong with Queen Azshara behind him.
Lord Stormsong is conversing with an image of Queen Azshara.
Lord Stormsong says: The Kul Tiran fleet is nearly yours, my queen.
Queen Azshara says: It would seem you have guests, Lord Stormsong.
The image of Azshara fades away. Alliance Brother Pike or Horde Rexxar runs up to Stormsong.
  • Alliance Alliance
Brother Pike yells: Master! Stop this madness at once! The Kul Tiran fleet must not fall to darkness!
Lord Stormsong yells: Fool! We must return to the sea, and Queen Azshara will grant us the power to do so!
Lord Stormsong says: For the last time, join me, or die.
Brother Pike says: Never.
Lord Stormsong yells: Then I shall cast your bodies to the blackened depths, to be crushed for eternity.
  • Horde Horde
Lord Stormsong yells: Intruders?! I shall cast your bodies to the blackened depths, to be crushed for eternity!
Rexxar says: Make peace with your queen, for your life ends here.
Rexxar yells: Your head will soon be mounted on my wall!
Stormsong hurls a spell at Alliance Pike or Horde Rexxar, knocking him backwards and snaring him in shadowy tentacles.
  • Alliance Alliance
Brother Pike says: You turned against the tide, Master, and now you have been pulled underneath it.
Brother Pike says: Something is not right. Darkness still festers here.
Brother Pike says: Be wary, heroes. Some unseen evil still lurks in the dark. We must press on to remove its influence from the shrine.
  • Horde Horde
Rexxar says: The pearl is not here. Perhaps Azshara's minion was more clever than he appeared.
Rexxar says: Hmm... The trail leads deeper into this foul-smelling passage.
Rexxar says: Keep your senses sharp. Some unseen force stalks us.

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