Lords of the Council

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NeutralLords of the Council

60 (Requires 60)




Bring 5 Large Brilliant Shards and 3 Abyssal Signets to Aurel Goldleaf in Cenarion Hold.


Lords of the Abyssal Council can only be summoned through the greater wind stones, and only the top ranking members of the Twilight's Council may speak to them. But... I have found a way to upgrade your disguise and fool the Abyssal Lords!

The disguise calls for a ring of lordship, worn only by the highest members of the cult. I will craft one for you if you can bring me large brilliant shards and abyssal signets. May fortune go with you, <name>. Speak with Aurel when you are ready.



Do you have the shards and the signets, <name>? I will need them to create the ring of lordship.


Thanks. Just one moment and I'll have that ring ready for you...

There it is. Now you're ready.

Be sure to wear this ring, along with a medallion of station and the rest of the twilight trappings, when you activate a greater wind stone. Do that, and the Abyssal Council will think you one of their servants. Then, perhaps you can lure one into an ambush!


  1. N [60] Goldleaf's Discovery
  2. N [60] Lords of the Council
  3. N [60] Bor Wishes to Speak
  4. N [60R] Scepter of the Council

Additional Notes

Requires Revered with Cenarion Circle

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