Lorenth Thundercall

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HordeLorenth Thundercall
Image of Lorenth Thundercall
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 15
Class Shaman
Health 452
Mana 326
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shatterspear tribe
Location Darkshore

Lorenth Thundercall is one of the Shatterspear tribe's sub-leaders in Darkshore, where he can be found standing on top of a large tree stump near the Tower of Althalaxx, out of combat range.

Objective of


The  [Dryad Spear] will be given to you by Lieutenant Starbreeze, and must be used to fight while dodging Lorenth's spells, which will burst on the ground in a small area of effect. At about 50% health he'll jump down, at which point he can be easily eliminated.


  • Unstable Lightning Bolt - Shoots a bolt of lightning, inflicting nature damage on all enemies in a selected area every 2 sec. for 8 sec.


  • Lorenth Thundercall yells: A challenge?! Stand still so that I can blast your corpse all over the ground.
  • Lorenth Thundercall yells: Don't move, little adventurer. I have the death you seek.
  • Lorenth Thundercall yells: Hah! Stay right there while I cast this spell! It won't hurt much.
  • Lorenth Thundercall yells: You think you can best Lorenth Thundercall? Stand still, silly gnat, so that I can swat you.

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