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For the NPC in Stormwind City, see Sean Copeland (NPC).
Not to be confused with Lore (CM).

Sean Copeland, nickname Loreology, is a senior historian and member of the Blizzard Creative Development team. Sean was promoted to a senior historian around March 11, 2014. He was later promoted to lead historian in March 2016, eventually becoming Head of lore in September 2017.[1]

Within the company, historians are "a repository for all Blizzard lore, providing counsel for the game development teams and the Creative Development Story group." As a historian, Copeland handles lore reviews for publications and artwork, researches and documents game events and characters, maintains their lore bibles, conducts lore seminars for employees and takes part in a wide range of meetings from brainstorming sessions to process development. Sean's job is to keep track of what Blizzard decides is canon. He doesn't make the calls.[2]

Sean closed his Twitter in late December 2014 after a period of inactivity. His wife, April, stated that this was due to ongoing health concerns which, coupled with his work, has left him no time to maintain it. Some time later, another twitter account @Loreology was created but it's not Sean Copeland.

Some of his archived tweets can be found here or through the wayback machine.

In December of 2017, Copeland made a new twitter account called Llorewalker, but was not active until February 20th, 2018 when he made his first tweet, stating he's back[3] as the team was asked to be active on Twitter.[4]


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