Lorgos the Resurrector

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MobLorgos the Resurrector
Image of Lorgos the Resurrector
Gender Male
Race Inquisitor (Demon)
Level 111
Health 6,020,693
Mana 551,500
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heroes' Rest, Val'sharah
Status Killable

Lorgos the Resurrector is an inquisitor located at Heroes' Rest in Val'sharah during the Legion Assaults.

Objective of


  • Call out to your troops, "my lord". I will raise them, make them stronger!
  • Fear not, my lord. I can raise more.
  • I don't need you alive to know your secrets.
  • I'll break your will.
  • My eyes see all.
  • This should prove enlightening.
  • Yes... arise... fight the "Legion"!
  • You cannot hide from me.
  • You'll tell me your secrets before you die.

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