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The town of Loralthil.

Lorlathil is a neutral village found in Val'sharah.[54, 73] The village resident seem to be mostly druids with night elves, dryads, and keepers of the grove.


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Mages equipped with  [Felo'melorn], NPC 93508 and NPC 93462 by Elyssia Winterdusk
Lorlathil Druid says: Is that... Felo'melorn? The Flamestrike?
Lorlathil Sentry says: It is. <Name> recovered it from Northrend. The very spellblade that Dath'Remar used against the Legion during the War of the Ancients.
Lorlathil Druid says: Let us hope that the mages do not succumb to the Legion's influence. We need their help.
Druids equipped with Claws of Ursoc, NPC 93508
Lorlathil Druid says: The rumors are true. <Name> wields the Claws of Ursoc!


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