Losing Gracefully

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NeutralLosing Gracefully

65 (Requires 65)


5500 (or 3g 30s at level 70)



Magister Falris in Shattrath wants you to take the Vial of Sedative Serum to the Terrace of Light and pour it into Haronem's Regiment Cooking Pot.


The Aldor have gained the favor of the Sha'tar today. As if that should come as any sort of surprise!

Watch them showing off their fancy footwork a few feet away from A'dal. Could they possibly put any more effort into sucking up to the naaru?

Harbinger Haronem's marksman regiment is so dedicated, it even brings its own cooking pot to avoid taking long breaks for lunch. This cannot go without retribution, <name>.

I want you to pour this vial into their meal. The results should be... comical.


The smell of herbs and spices fills the air around the pot.


The Aldor marksmen appear distracted with their drill, allowing you ample time to place the contents of the vial into the stew.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 5500 XP (or 3g 30s at level 70)


Harbinger Haronem says: Soup's on, men! Eat up. We've got a long day ahead.
Harbinger Haronem says: Fall in men! It's time to drill!
Harbinger Haronem says: Alright now, let's get those rifles sighted in...
Aldor Marksman says: ...at least we know my rifle is sighted properly.
Harbinger Haronem says: Soldier...
Harbinger Haronem says: You DO know that marksmen are issued blanks for practice drills, right?
Harbinger Haronem says: Clearly, this group is not ready for weapons exercises.
Harbinger Haronem says: Fall in for some marching practice! Let's see if we can manage to walk without suffering any casualties...
Harbinger Haronem says: That was some pretty fancy prancin' ladies!
Harbinger Haronem says: Now let's give shootin' another try...
Harbinger Haronem says: Get into formation and get those guns sighted in!
Harbinger Haronem says: Carefully now, we don't need any more mista-
Harbinger Haronem says: Oh, that was cute...
Harbinger Haronem says: We'll be marching all day if I see any more of that!
Harbinger Haronem says: In fact, let's see some more of that fancy walkin'... Move it!
Harbinger Haronem says: Again, very nice strutting ladies.
Harbinger Haronem says: If we can't teach you to shoot, you'll have a career in the cantina to fall back on.
Harbinger Haronem says: What's this? You've shifted into an incorrect formation!
Harbinger Haronem says: You are only to use the staggered formation just before atta-
Harbinger Haronem says: Enough messing around! There's a war going on here!
Harbinger Haronem says: At ease, men.

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