Lost But Not Forgotten (Durotar)

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For other similarly-named quests, see Lost But Not Forgotten.
HordeLost But Not Forgotten

8 (Requires 4)




+250 Orgrimmar



Obtain 250 Crocolisk Teeth.


Today marks the anniversary of my son Kron's passing. As long as I refused to admit it, I recognize now: Kron is not returning from his crocolisk hunt.

I've been working on a project... something that will memorialize Kron's passion for the hunt. It's a crocolisk-tooth necklace... rows and rows of teeth, suitable to be worn by only the bravest young orc. I will place it on his grave.

Kron was brave, but he was not strong, like you. Will you bring me the teeth for my necklace?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 84v2.png [Hand Woven Vest] Inv belt 80v4.png [Lovingly Embroidered Belt]
Inv chest mail 16v2.png [Tunic of Celebration]

You will also receive: 2s 25c and  [Kron's New Hunting Bag]


Kron will be remembered.


Thank you, <race>. I will get to work on the necklace right away.

Before Kron died, I had made this for him to wear. I have no use for it now, but perhaps you might.


This quest is a requirement to complete the quest H [8] Watershed Patrol. Completing this quest results in achieving the objective "Help Misha Tor'kren".

Dreadmaw Toothgnashers (found in the Southfury Watershed and the Southfury River) drop 29-39 teeth. You will have to kill about 10 crocolisks to get 250 teeth.

This quest replaced the pre-Cataclysm quest Lost But Not Forgotten - an infuriating quest where you had to recover  [Kron's Amulet] from the crocolisk that ate him. The drop rate for the amulet was very low, so you had to kill lots and lots of crocolisks to get it.


  1. H [7] Meats to Orgrimmar (start of the flight path quest line)
    1. H [7] Ride to Orgrimmar
    2. H [7] Doras the Wind Rider Master
    3. H [7] Return to Razor Hill
  2. H [7] From Bad to Worse/H [7] Exploiting the Situation
  3. After H [7] Shipwreck Searching: H [8] Thonk
    1. H [8] Lost in the Floods
    2. H [8] Watershed Patrol

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