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Lost Mail (quest)

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NeutralLost Mail
Start  [Lost Mail]
End Madam Goya
Level 110 (Requires 98)
Category Dalaran
Experience 8,230
Rewards 9g 70s
Next N [110] Return to Sender


Deliver the Lost Mail to Madam Goya in Dalaran Underbelly.







What's this? You are not my usual courier...


Ah, a bank note. Mr. Stonebrow's payment.

Just in the nick of time it would seem.


You will receive: 9g 70s



Approaching the Black Market
Madam Goya says: You have missed your payment one too many times, Mr. Stonebrow. I am repossessing the goods, per our contract.
Kieran begs on his knees.
Kieran Stonebrow says: I mailed ye the check this morning, I swear! Ye can't leave me high and dry!
Madam Goya says: Mister Chu, please see this dwarf out. Ms. Xiulan, re-list the armor.
Mister Chu nods.
Ms. Xiulan says: Yes, madam.
Chu takes a fighting stance and Kieran does so in response.
Kieran Stonebrow says: Keep yer paws off me, fuzzball!
Turning in the quest
Madam Goya says: It seems you are in luck today, Mr. Stonebrow. You may take back the goods.
Kieran walks up to Goya's chest of goods.
Kieran Stonebrow says: Yer damn right I will! I bought this armor fair and square, even if I ain't done payin' for it.
Kieran equips a full armor set and turns around.
Kieran Stonebrow says: Ahh, that's better. Armor befitting a mighty hero! One whose legendary deeds shake the very foundations of Azeroth!
He heads for the tunnel.
Kieran Stonebrow says: Welp, I'm off to the tavern.
He stops for a moment and turns back to you.
Kieran Stonebrow says: Thanks for yer help, <lad/lass>! I owe ye one!


After completing the quest, you will receive an in-game mail from the Postmaster:

Help Wanted

Dear <name>,

It has come to my attention that you handled the delivery of a missing parcel. For that, you have my gratitude!

We are in somewhat of a crunch here in the mailroom, and I have need of a capable courier.

If you are interested, please visit my office. You will find the entrance behind the Magus Commerce Exchange.

- The Postmaster


  1. N [110] Lost Mail
  2. N [110] Return to Sender
  3. N [110] A Huge Package
  4. N [110] Priority Delivery
  5. N [110] Service with a Smile
  6. N [110] Due Reward
  7. N [110] The Mail Must Flow

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