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MobLostlight wildkin
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Main leader



Mob  Boneflux † (presumed)

Base of operations
Theater of operations




The Lostlight wildkin are a group of wildkin that inhabits Lostlight Grotto in Val'sharah. Their job was once to project the places sacred to Elune. Being so connected to Elune, they would eventually become aggressive in her absence.[1]

Several dryads would be sent to calm the owlbeasts, never to return.[2]The fate of the dryads is soon revealed as it is discovered that they have been turned into Undulating Boneslimes. An adventurer rescues a few of them.[3]

Some of them even practice a form of shamanism as they have totems full of magic, presumably dedicated to deities by the names of Shriektalon, Fearfeather and Reaverbeak. Before succumbing to her mutation, a dryad named, Leirana, asks an adventurer to steal the magic from these totems as they were holding Keeper Remulos captive.[4]

One of their members, presumably their leader, Boneflux, was the one holding Remulos captive in his lair in the Undergorge. An adventurer charged in along with Guviena Bladesong and freed Remulos by killing his capture. Remulos hopes that one they, these moonkin can see the light of Elune again and be saved.[5]





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