Lucius the Cruel

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Not to be confused with Lucius.
HordeLucius the Cruel
Image of Lucius the Cruel
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 7
Health 685
Reaction Alliance
Location Gilneas

Lucius the Cruel is a Forsaken who is using Grandma Wahl's cat as bait for Gilneans. He appears when the cat is touched.

Objective of

Drops  [Chance the Cat] for A IconSmall Worgen Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Female.gif [7] Grandma's Cat.


Lucius the Cruel says: I'll be taking this cat. It seems to work as the perfect bait. Prepare to die now, fool!
Grandma Wahl yells: You do not mess with my kitty you son of a mongrel!
Wahl transforms into her worgen form!

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