Lucky Eightcoins

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NeutralLucky Eightcoins
Image of Lucky Eightcoins
Title <Caravan Master>
Race Grummle (Humanoid)
Level 88
Health 271,376
Location Grummle Bazaar, Kun-Lai Summit [64.7, 61.8]
Status Alive

Lucky Eightcoins is the caravan master at the Grummle Bazaar in Kun-Lai Summit. He can be found speaking with Griftah.



Ah! A luckydo comes to the great Grummle Bazaar, eh? I smell good fortune in our meeting.
I am called the Lucky Eightcoins. I am named for my best luckydo, the one that gives most pungent-smelling fortune.
Gossip What is a "luckydo"?
A Luckydo? Why, it is a person, place, or thing of good luck and fortune.
It is a most high compliment from grummles to be called a luckydo.
Usually a luckydo has special smell to it. Grummle noses are keen for finding luck by its scent.
Gossip What is a grummle?
Why, we are the grummles! The mountain ferries. The packers of trails. The guides through the mountains. And the deliverers of supplies.
We are the people who keep the defenders of the wall fed, and we are the people who travel the Burlap Trail since the time of the mogu dynasties.
We also have the most best noses for smelling luck!
  • Welcome, friend, to the Grummle Bazaar!
  • Some argue Brother Rabitsfoot has more good fortune than I, the Lucky Eightcoins. At this I laugh. It is simple: he is called “brother”, I am called “Lucky”. Obviously I am of more luck.
  • Most grummles keep a few luckydos around. Look, lint in pocket. Big luckydo. Oh, and smelly incense. Very big luckydo. Never trust unsmellible lucky. Sometimes that luck is for someone else.
  • We are the grummles. We know all of the paths through the mountains. Most of all we bring supplies to the great wall in the east. The bastion of the Shado-Pan. These are dark times though, and grummles face great dangers on our road.
  • Never set a yeti on fire. They just get mad.
Patch 5.2.0
  • Griftah, you think those are luckydos? They smell more like luckydon'ts.
  • Griftah, your nose is too pointy to smell good fortune. And you smell like unwashed yak.
  • And to think, my friends say I "troll" too much. I must show them you, Griftah.
  • Hey! Griftah! That is one of my luckydos! Where did you get that?

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