Lurking Worgen

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MobLurking Worgen
Image of Lurking Worgen
Gender Male
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Level 25
Health 1,398
Location Duskwood, The Yorgen Farmstead, Raven Hill, Addle's Stead
Relative(s) Unnamed wife and two unnamed children (deceased)

The Lurking Worgen is Sven Yorgen after being inflicted with the curse but before receiving Krennan Aranas's cure. You will encounter him three times before finally capturing him.

Objective of


  • Lurking Worgen yells: Every speck of suffering in my life is YOUR PATHETIC FAULT! I SHOULD KILL YOU!
  • Lurking Worgen yells: JITTERS!
  • Lurking Worgen says: I remember now... it's all your fault!
  • Lurking Worgen says: Jitters...
  • Lurking Worgen says: You brought the worgen to Duskwood! You led the Dark Riders to my farm, and hid while they murdered my family!
  • Lurking Worgen says: You've got a lot to make up for, Jitters. I won't give you the easy way out.

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