Lurking in the Shadows

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AllianceLurking in the Shadows
Disruptors and stargazers

93 (Requires 90)




12g 60s


Shadowmoon Disruptor

Kill Shadowmoon Disrupters.


There are reports of Shadowmoon clan members lurking around the ruins by the shore.

This is a popular spot for young lovers to gaze at the stars and confess their affection for each other.

As you can see we are not a village of warriors.

I will pay you handsomely if you go to the ruins and make sure the Shadowmoon orcs keep their distance.


You will receive: 12g 60s


On accept:

Hara Bloodfury says: If you see any Shadowmoon orcs around the Stargazers... kill them.


I was told by the stargazers of your heroics today, <name>.

We are in your debt.

Here is a reward for your troubles.

On complete:

Hara Bloodfury says: The Shadowmoon clan is clearly not happy we have formed our own village. We will need to stay vigilant.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up A [93] Forbidden Love and A [91] Lunarblossom before heading out.

Exit the rise and head east to the Umbrafen and follow the trail north. Lunarblossoms are marked on the minimap. Shadowmoon Disruptors are near a bunch of Shadow Skeletons, generally holding a Windreaver Stargazer by the neck. At the north end of the path, the path loops back south, entering the mouth of a cave. Inside are Dol'mak and Kral'za. Kill Dol'mak to spawn the Dark Apparition.

Rai'vosh and Turog

Between the quest area and Windreaver's Rise, look out for Rai'vosh, a rare unbound air elemental, whom Windcaller Turog is trying to bind. Rai'vosh drops the  [Whispers of Rai'Vosh] and 10-20 [Garrison Resources].


  1. A [91] Into Twilight
  2. Complete both:
    • Visions
    1. A [91] The Clarity Elixir
    2. A [91] The Fate of Karabor
    • Shaz'gul
    1. A [91] Going Undercover
    2. A [91] Escape From Shaz'gul
  3. A [91] Chasing Shadows
  4. A [91] Ancestor's Memory
  5. A [91] Darkest Night
    • Side quest: A [91] Rulkan (optional)
  6. Complete all of:
    1. A [91] Into Anguish
    2. A [91] The Dark Side of the Moon

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