Lysanis Shadesoul

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MobLysanis Shadesoul
Image of Lysanis Shadesoul
Title <Felsworn Commander>
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Demon)
Level 112 Rare Elite
Class Demon hunter
Health 61,171,716
Wealth 2g 21s 3c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Former affiliation(s) Illidari
Occupation Felsworn
Location Isle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Status Killable

Lysanis Shadesoul is a blood elven demon hunter of the Burning Legion located in the Isle of the Watchers in Azsuna.


  • Fel Strike - Slice your target for Fire damage, burning them for Fire damage every second for 6 sec.

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