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MACRO eventtrace

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eventtrace traces events using the EventTraceFrame and is part of the Blizzard DebugTools interface. This assists addon developers in figuring out what events fire in certain circumstances. For example, what order events fire in when a player zones into a random dungeon instance or when loot drops.


/eventtrace control
/eventtrace number

This command has one alias, etrace.


<no argument>
This reacts according to the visible state of the window:
The event capture is stopped and the window is closed
The window is shown. The first time this happens the event capture is started automatically, successive calls do not start the event trace again, you must manually start it.
Allows manual start/stop of capturing, does NOT open/close the window, one of the following options:
Starts capturing
Stops capturing
Captures the given number of events and stops (does NOT open/close the window).

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