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MACRO threshold

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Changes the party's loot quality threshold.

/threshold id


The threshold id to set at. # 2-6 or the name of the value it corresponds to, and the default is set to 2:
  • 2 - Uncommon (Green)
  • 3 - Rare (Blue)
  • 4 - Epic (Purple)
  • 5 - Legendary (Orange)
  • 6 - Artifact (Red)


  • The loot quality threshold is a setting for a party controlled by the party's leader that determines when party members must roll for loot depending on its quality. Items below the loot threshold will be given to the default loot holder on a body, which rotates around to each member.
  • Free-For-All looting ignores this setting, and this only applies to lootable corpses.