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Level: 110
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Mac'Aree (pronounced muh-CAW-ree),[1] called the Jewel of Argus,[2] was one of the most illustrious cities of Argus[3], the pinnacle of eredar civilization,[1] and the most sacred of all cities.[4] Following the destruction that befell Argus, the city of Mac'Aree now floats above the planet, in a relatively pristine state.[5]

Mac'Aree serves as one of three zones on Argus and hosts the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon.


Mac'Aree, the Jewel of Argus.
The Seat of the Triumvirate.

Mac'Aree's hills were purple,[3] and its rivers glittered even in complete darkness.[4] The city's walkways were lined with precious minerals.[4] Jessera of Mac'Aree couldn't remember anymore how long it had been since he last was there. The eredar prior to their corruption by Sargeras seemed to have a great love and reverence for Mac'Aree, as expressed on the inscription at the bottom of The Last Relic of Argus, "I long for Mac'Aree".


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The city is mostly intact compared to the rest of the world, though the land to the northwest has curved upwards, slanting the city. Having somewhat been thrown into orbit and floating above the massive scar in the planet, Mac'Aree has mostly escaped corruption and was seemingly abandoned. But the Armies of Legionfall retrieving the Sigil of Awakening alerted the Burning Legion who sent an assault force to Mac'Aree in order to halt their progress.[6]


The city core of Mac'Aree is a floating island above the rest of the planet Argus. Mac'Aree is dominated by the Seat of the Triumvirate to the northwest, near a huge rock wall caused by the deformation of the planet's surface. Much of the city is inaccessible to players but can be seen in the sky, floating at an angle.

Maps and subregions

Map of Mac'Aree.

Undisplayed locations

Travel hubs

The rest of the city.
Landscape of the city.

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Krokuun Neutral 110 South-East By Lightforged beacon or the Vindicaar.
Antoran Wastes Neutral 110 South-West By Lightforged beacon or the Vindicaar.

Notable characters

The statues of the Triumvirate in front of the Seat.

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Wild creatures

Notes and trivia

The glow of the Xenedar near the rift.
  • When jumping out of the edge of the map, the player enters the "Twisting Nether" subzone shortly before dying, similar to how leaving an Outland zone does.
  • Mac'Aree can be seen in the sky from Krokuun. Likewise, the glow of the Xenedar in Krokuun can be seen on the surface from Mac'Aree.
  • Mac'Aree was first mentioned in The Burning Crusade by the character Jessera of Mac'Aree, whose name is likely a reference to the Blizzard Lead Level Designer Jesse McCree. It would not be until 10 years after this initial mention that Mac'Aree was implemented in World of Warcraft.


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While Archmage Y'mera does not know why the spirits of eredar linger in Mac'Aree,[7] a likely explanation is that L'ura is drawing them there like D'ore and K'ure drew spirits to Auchindoun and Oshu'gun, respectively.


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