Mad Magus Tirth

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CombatMad Magus Tirth
Image of Mad Magus Tirth
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 40 - 42
Character class Mage
Health 2,312
Mana 3,471
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tirth's Haunt [85.12, 91.76]
Status Killable
Student(s) "Plucky" Johnson

Magus Tirth's inability to stop the Cataclysm from flooding the Thousand Needles has caused him to go insane and become Mad Magus Tirth. He has recaptured "Plucky" Johnson, and places the blame of the Cataclysm on his former apprentice. They are both located in Tirth's Haunt, where Magus is the subject of the quest N [42] The Mad Magus.

Magus spends his time trying to torture "Plucky".


Prior to Cataclysm, this NPC was known as Magus Tirth, a level 51 chicken vendor located at the Mirage Raceway in the contested territory of Thousand Needles. He wrote the book  [Rituals of Power], but sold it due to gambling debts to a member of the Scarlet Crusade.

He was involved in the following now removed quests: Hidden Secrets, Get the Scoop and Rituals of Power


Mad Magus Tirth yells: Stand still you worthless chicken!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Don't resist... I'm only trying to change you back into a man.
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Dance, Johnson, dance!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: I could have stopped the sea if not for your incessant clucking!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: I know what I'm having for dinner tonight and it rhymes with "Sucky"!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: What shall it be this time: fire or frost? Hmm?
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Oh, and I'll be taking my Ancona chickens back, thank you!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: I'll pluck, Johnson!

When "Plucky" Johnson transforms back into a human to sell to players Tirth will also yell out a bit of dialouge:

Mad Magus Tirth yells: Hey! Why aren't you polymorphed? Enjoy it while it lasts, "Plucky"!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: I better get a cut of those sales! Better yet, I'll just fry you up and take all of the profit for myself.
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Johnson, tell your friend to move along. It's past time for your demise.
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Does anyone hear that voice? Make it stop!
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Bored now.
Mad Magus Tirth yells: Would you hurry it up over there? I don't have all day!


  • His quote "Dance, Johnson, Dance" may be a reference to the song "Dance, Soterios Johnson, dance" by Jonathan Coulton.

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