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The madcaps of the Zandalar tribe are similar to rogues, but above all else they embrace madness, chaos, and the unpredictability of existence. A terror to behold on the battlefield, they sowed the seeds of confusion and mayhem amongst the Zandalari's enemies in the savage times after the tribes splintered. The tribe would not exist today without them.[1]

One of Zandalar's legendary madcaps was Khar'vaxal the Cracked. Legend states that when facing the enemies of the tribe for the first time, Khar'vaxal used his mantle specifically woven with "the weave of madness". His form was shrouded not only by the mantle, but also with the blinding speed of his twin daggers. Madcaps today cherish their mantle as a sign of their place in the tribe. The legend of Khar'vaxal the Cracked serves the Zandalari today as a reminder that no foe - no matter how great a threat they may be - is impossible to overcome. Chaos will bring everyone to their knees.[2]


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