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This article is about the alternate universe group. For the main universe group, see Mag'har (faction). For other uses, see Mag'har (disambiguation).
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The Mag'har (or the Mag'har Clans)[1] are the union of the uncorrupted orcs of the alternate Draenor, who refused the dark bargain of Gul'dan and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. After the defeat of the Burning Legion at Hellfire Citadel, the survivors of the Iron Horde and the Frostwolf clan united into a single clan under the leadership of Warchief Grommash Hellscream.


The Iron Horde

Main article: Iron Horde#History

With the aid of the renegade bronze dragon Kairozdormu and the Black Prince Wrathion, Garrosh managed to escape from his trial at the Temple of the White Tiger. Using the  [Vision of Time], Kairozdormu transported himself and the former Warchief to an alternate Draenor — a Draenor where Garrosh was never born — with the hope of constructing a new Horde. After murdering Kairoz with the Vision, Garrosh traveled to the nearby Warsong village to seek the alternate version of his father, Grommash.

Garrosh managed to convince Grommash to rally the orc clans of this alternate world into an Iron Horde, an army free from demonic influences who would ravage Azeroth with the iron star technology Garrosh had brought with him.

When Gul'dan summoned the clans to the Throne of Kil'jaeden to drink the blood of Mannoroth, Grom refused and slew the pit lord. Gul'dan and his Shadow Council agents were shackled beneath the Dark Portal to power the gateway between worlds. The invasion of Azeroth was pushed back by the combined forces of the Alliance and Horde adventurers, and led by the Archmage Khadgar the heroes of Azeroth ventured to Draenor in a suicide mission to stop the Iron Horde.

The Frostwolf clan led by Durotan and Draka, the Laughing Skull clan led by Kaz the Shrieker, and the draenei led by Yrel and the Council of Exarchs also joined forces with the outsiders against the Iron Horde, leading to a series of crushing defeats for the orc army.

Following the deaths of most of the orc warlords, Gul'dan approached Warchief Grommash with his offer once more. Grommash refused, but Kilrogg, Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, accepted, delivering the Iron Horde into the hands of the Legion. Gul'dan used his fel magic to twist and corrupt the Iron Horde's stronghold of Hellfire Citadel, and within he successfully summoned Archimonde the Defiler.

New beginnings

With Archimonde's death and the Legion's defeat in Draenor, Grommash proclaimed the victory and the freedom of Draenor to the gathered soldiers. Grommash, Yrel, and Durotan turning their attention to rebuilding their world. The orcs and draenei worked together to drive the Burning Legion from Draenor, and they lived together in peace for years.

Tyranny of the Light

But without demons to fight, the draenei became fixated upon the Light. The naaru then compelled them to spread their influence among the orcs. A few were converted willingly, while others had the Light forced upon them.[2] The Lightbound accuse the Mag'har of killing the planet, while the Mag'har in turn accuse the Lightbound of causing it.[3]


Upon joining the Horde on Azeroth, several Mag'har clan members participated in the War Campaign and the Battle for Darkshore.


Blackrock clan

The Blackrocks are a disciplined, organized, and militaristic clan who boast expert smiths and metalworkers. Well armored, they utilize brute strength and weaponry to destroy their foes. The first of the orc clans to master the art of shaping their namesake metal, the Blackrocks prefer to wield blunt weaponry in battle to honor their ancestors.

Bleeding Hollow clan

The clan is named after the hidden chamber in which the chieftains sacrificed an eye to receive a vision of their death. They are a fanatical and crude clan who fight with a berserker fury and gain the boon of prophecy from their elders, who sacrifice an eye to see into the future. They imbue themselves with berserk fury, slather their weapons in hallucinogenic venom, and stalk prey from the treetops, branding their victims' final moments with visions of pure horror.

Burning Blade clan

The clan was primarily known for their deadly blademasters. These skilled swordsmen could focus their warrior energies to become living cyclones of rage, spinning their blades faster than the naked eye could see, or channel their potent powers in one focused strike to cause even greater damage.

Frostwolf clan

The Frostwolves are renowned for their prowess as one-on-one combatants. They are a strong, close-knit clan whose bond with wolves only adds to their strength — though their numbers remain smaller than most clans.

Laughing Skull clan

Known for their violent and bloodthirsty nature, these orcs take great pride in their clan identity.

Shadowmoon clan

The Shadowmoons had a history of astrology, they had always spoken the language of the stars and the earth. A key source of the clan's power came from their understanding of the stars and their omens. For centuries, they recorded the patterns of the stars and their interpretations.[4] They were profoundly linked to the spiritual world and had many seers, astrologers, and speakers of the dead among their ranks.

Shattered Hand clan

Following the symbolic severing of one's hand from the chains binding him in order to earn freedom, as Kargath Bladefist himself desperately demonstrated while he was chained under the Highmaul arena, these former slaves have been drawn together through a macabre joy of pain both self-inflicted and imposed upon others. It is through this pain that they believe they gather strength, and their reputation as relentless and dirty fighters is well-earned.

Thunderlord clan

The Thunderlords are known for their excellent hunters, who are specialized in hunting down (and even taming) rylaks and other beasts, and even gronn and magnaron. The Thunderlords were the greatest big game hunters in all of Draenor.

Warsong clan

The mounted raiders of the Warsongs favor speed and maneuverability in battle — they move quickly, strike swiftly, and are away before their enemies know what hit them. Their war cries inspire their allies and strike fear into all those who dare get in their way.


Around thirty years[citation needed]  have passed on Draenor since the war in Draenor has ended. In these times, Yrel and her draenei have fought against the Mag'har orcs. During the Mag'har orc race unlock questline, when Eitrigg asks for troops from Grommash Hellscream, he was about to send some of his troops to help the Horde on Azeroth until Yrel's unprovoked attack. According to Lantresor of the Blade, whole Lightbound army comes to attack on Mag'har. When the Mag'har escape to Azeroth there isn't much forces in-game, this is because of the game mechanics. According to Steve Danuser, a lot of orcs got caught up in that teleport spell and Mag'har have a significant fighting force along with a fair number of "guests"[5] (gronns, gronnlings, ogrons, ogres, goren, botani, and saberon).


The iron star.

The foundation of the Mag'har technology is the iron star: a coal-fired centrifugal engine which can be used to turn wheels, belts, and chains, allowing for the construction of crude vehicles and siege weapons including tanks, cannons, and chariots. They use all of the technology previously used by the Iron Horde.

Alongside these weapons, the Mag'har make use of warbeasts. Tamed by the Thunderlord clan, these beasts range from massive clefthoof, who were bred as both packbeasts and weapons of war,[6] and the mighty gronn, who have been wholly subjugated by the time of their introduction to the Horde. Alongside them, ogres work as servants, adding to the Mag'har's already formidable arsenal of weaponry.

Even after their exodus to Azeroth, the Mag'har are capable of replicating their technology using Azeroth's materials. As a result, Mag'har weaponry has been quickly adopted by the Horde since their introduction, such as on the siege of Norwington Estate, invasions on Tiragarde Sound, as a flagship in Nazmir, and as a full invasion force in Stormsong Valley as a few examples.


Bleeding Hollow
Burning Blade
Laughing Skull
Shattered Hand


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Due to the appearance of Swellthrasher in Drustvar in the Horde War Campaign, the recruitment of the Mag'har Clans into the Horde may have, lorewise, happened before the Horde invaded Kul Tiras. Alternatively, it could mean that some Laughing Skull Orcs returned to Azeroth with the Horde forces after the war in Draenor, as hinted at by the War Drummers and a few other orcs wearing Frostwolf Orcs gear.