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Mag'har Darkcaster

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HordeMag'har Darkcaster
Image of Mag'har Darkcaster
Gender Both
Race Mag'har orc (Humanoid)
Level 50
Class Priest
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Mag'har, Shadowmoon clan
Location Orgrimmar
Status Alive
They are using the Void to maintain the portal.

Mag'har Darkcasters are Mag'har orcs who first appeared in Gorgrond. After the Mag'har were teleported from Draenor to Azeroth, they emerged in Durotar. Subsequently, they are present in the Hall of the Brave, the Valley of Honor, and the Orgrimmar Embassy in Orgrimmar. Two are holding a portal to Warspear in Pathfinder's Den.

During the battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar, Mag'har Darkcasters joined Overlord Geya'rah in the Valley of Strength, preparing for the upcoming assault.


  • Spell shadow painspike.png  Void Crash — Fires a missile towards a random target. When this missile lands, it deals Shadow damage to all enemies within 5 yards of that location.
  • Spell priest shadoworbs.png  Void Shield — The caster channels void energies around an ally to protect them from harm reducing damage taken by 90%. Each time an enemy strikes the shielded target a blast of energy is released inflicting Shadow damage to the enemy.



Should you bring corruption here, your life will be forfeit.
  • Draenor will be free!
  • If I catch any of those Lightbound traitors, I will slit their throats!
  • Overlord Geya'rah is the warchief's right hand. There is no braver orc on Draenor.
Nor on your world, outsider!
  • If you earn the overlord's trust, you will earn mine.
  • We bested the primals. We will bring down any foe.
  • Those who challenge Warchief Hellscream will pay with their lives!
  • I still dream of Draenor. Does my home still remain? Aggh. It does no good to think on such matters.
  • We have much to teach the orcs of this world.
  • Overlord Geya'rah was the Warchief's right hand. There is no braver orc on this world.
  • What fate did our brothers and sisters meet?
  • f you earn the overlord's trust, you will earn mine.
  • This world reeks of corruption.
  • If any Lightbound traitors come to this world, I will be ready!
  • Warchief Hellscream is almost certainly dead. If he fell, he died a hero's death.


  • Until patch 8.1.5, they used to say the same quotes in Orgrimmar they said in Gorgrond.

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