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This article is about the playable race. For the Mag'har orc lore in general, see Mag'har orc. For other uses, see Mag'har (disambiguation).
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The Mag'har orcs are an allied race affiliated with the Horde. After the events of Hellfire Citadel on the alternate Draenor, the remnants of the Iron Horde and the Frostwolf clan united into one clan simply known as the "Mag'har", meaning "uncorrupted" in Orcish. During the Blood War, the Horde opened a portal back to the alternate Draenor, only this time many years later from their point of view, to recruit them in the conflict against the Alliance. After saving their kin from the Lightbound, the Mag'har were stranded on Azeroth as the portal closed behind, and agreed to join the Horde.


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Race preview

For untold generations, the orc clans of Draenor battled one another in endless war. But when Gul'dan offered them the blood of his demonic masters, the disparate tribes of Mag'har—the orcish word for "uncorrupted"—refused the dark bargain and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream, the Mag'har pledged to one day repay Azeroth's heroes for aiding their cause. As war against the Alliance intensifies, the Horde must call upon the might of the Mag'har to seize victory.[1]

Note: the official Battle for Azeroth website says "In the aftermath of the fall of Hellfire Citadel..." instead of "United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream..."[2]

Creation screen description

The orc clans of Draenor never drank the demon blood that corrupted their distant kin. Proud and defiant, they stood united as one tribe--the Mag'har. With their unrelenting courage and fierce sense of honor, the Mag'har now fight to claim a new home on Azeroth.

Opening cutscene

Overlord Geya'rah: Strength and honor. Blood and thunder. Mere words to others... but everything to us. We are the last survivors of a proud tribe. The uncorrupted... the unbroken... the Mag'har!


Mag'har can have:

The gray skin tone with yellow eyes (Dragonmaw) and the pale white skin tone (Shattered Hand) are not available. The latter is likely not unavailable because it is tied to a separate, unique model unable to equip armor.


Mag'har orcs can be unlocked by Horde players who gain exalted with the Honorbound and complete the achievement Horde [Ready for War].

Players must then complete the following recruitment questline:

  1. H [120] Vision of Time
  2. H [120] Caverns of Time
  3. H [120] Echo of Gul'dan
  4. H [120] Echo of Warlord Zaela
  5. H [120] Echo of Garrosh Hellscream
  6. H [120] Restoring Old Bonds
  7. H [120] Calling Out the Clans
  8. H [120] Bonds Forged Through Battle
  9. H [120] Tyranny of the Light
  10. H [120] The Uncorrupted


Racial traits

[Ancestral Call] - active - 2 min cooldown
Invoke the spirits of your ancestors granting you their power. Increases a random secondary stat by 102 for 12 seconds.
[Open Skies] - passive
Increases mounted speed by 10%.
[Savage Blood] - passive
Reduces the duration of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses by 10%.
[Sympathetic Vigor] -passive
Increases pet health by 10%.



Base Hunter Hunter Mage Mage Monk Monk Priest Priest Rogue Rogue Shaman Shaman Warrior Warrior
Strength N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Agility N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Stamina N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Intellect N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


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  • On Draenor and in Orgrimmar, each clan is represented by a particular type of recurring Mag'har NPC: Deadeyes, Grunts, and Warders for the Blackrock, Impalers for the Bleeding Hollow, Blademasters for the Burning Blade, Warriors for the Frostwolf, Limbflayers for the Laughing Skull, Darkcasters for the Shadowmoon, Rippers for the Shattered Hand, Giantslayers for the Thunderlord, and Outriders for the Warsong.
  • Mag'har shaman totems look like small cups of unity.
  • One of the playable Mag'har haircut is called "The Dreadnaught".
  • Mag'har were initially planned to become available in patch 8.1.5, with Dark Iron dwarves and Zandalari trolls being the allied races slated for the launch of Battle for Azeroth. However, when Blizzard settled on making Kul Tiran humans an allied race in 8.1.5, they felt that it made the most sense from a story perspective to pair Kul Tirans with Zandalari. Thus, the Zandalari allied race was moved back until 8.1.5 so they could be released alongside Kul Tirans, while Mag'har were moved forward to 8.0 as the Horde equivalent to Dark Irons.[3]
  • A Thieving Scoundrel wearing alternate Frostwolf armor can be seen in the Underbelly of Dalaran.
  • Mag'har orcs wearing alternate Warsong armor can be seen playing drums on the Horde gunship during the Seething Shore battleground.
  • The Hood, a Shattered Hand rogue that looked like those of the Iron Horde was originally planned to appear in Legion.


Patch changes


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