Magister Aledis

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HordeMagister Aledis
Image of Magister Aledis
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 62
Class Mage
Health 5,347
Mana 6,015
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City, Magisters
Location Hellfire Peninsula [4.6, 50.7]
Status Alive

Magister Aledis can be found in traveling along the road from Falcon Watch to Zangarmarsh in Hellfire Peninsula.


Magister Aledis mounted


If you think I'll betray my friend that easily, think again! Face me, you scoundrel!
Spare my life! I will tell you about Arelion's secret.


  • Since he attacks you, you get marked for PvP.

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