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Image of Mahamba
Title <The Water Spirit>
Race Crocolisk (Beast)
Level 28 Rare
Health 1,464
Mana 1,512
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Northern Stranglethorn
Pet family Crocolisk

Mahamba is an enormous rare mob crocolisk found north of the Venture Co. territory in Northern Stranglethorn.


  • Splash
  • Wave Crash


  • He's one of the 3 rare mobs with a title of their respective element, the other being the haunched cougress Pogeyan and the white ape Tsul'Kalu - the element he represents is Water.
  • His large size means that he's the largest crocolisk in Stranglethorn Vale - slightly larger than most crocolisks. He's also one of the 2 crocolisks to have a title, the other being the clutch mother herself, Gosh-Haldir.

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