Mahka's Plea

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HordeMahka's Plea

35 (Requires 33)


820 XP




Talk to Mankrik.


I can't put him out of my mind, <name>. Sometimes at night, I can hear his howls of rage and suffering, echoing across the plains. To imagine him out there, alone and in such pain...

Please, I must ask a favor of you. Go to Mankrik, and tell him to come see me.


Thank you, <name>.


You will receive:


At the end of the quest an event will occur:

  • Mahka says: Come, Mankrik. Sit beside me and rest.
  • Mankrik grunts.
  • Mahka says: Look at this land, Mankrik. The Horde and Alliance tear the earth apart just to claw at each other in spite.
  • Mahka says: Such hatred is only bringing us destruction. I can see it in you as you fight the quilboar...your anger does nothing but wear you away.
  • Mahka says: You're destroying yourself, Mankrik.
  • Mankrik says: There is nothing left for me. I seek a warrior's death. Is that wrong?
  • Mahka says: You seek escape, not glory. It's suicide.
  • Mankrik says: So what if it is? Why do you even care?
  • Mahka says: Because...
  • Mahka says: Because despite what you think, there may be people in this world who would mourn your passing.
  • Mankrik says: Mahka...
  • Mahka says: Please, Mankrik. Let go. Set down your blade.
  • Mankrik says: This hatred has burned in me for years, Mahka. Your words cannot lift it from me so easily.
  • Mahka says: do not need to bear it alone. Just sit next to me and forget your troubles, if only for a while.
  • Mahka says: Come see me whenever you are weary.
  • Mankrik nods.
  • Mankrik says: ...thank you, Mahka.
Mahka's Plea.

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