Maiden of Vitality

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NeutralMaiden of Vitality
Image of Maiden of Vitality
Gender Female
Race Titanic watcher (Mechanical)
Level 110
Health 1,558,901
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Hall of Communion
Chamber of Heart
Status Active

The Maiden of Vitality is a titanic watcher first found in the Hall of Communion. She seems to have later traveled to the Chamber of Heart, where she was found by Magni, impaled by an Azerite spike that grew through the wall. By the time the hero returned to the Chamber, she was fully healed.[1]


Hall of Communion
Threat signatures neutralized. Facility defenses at 74.39 percent. Repairs in progress.
Subject: Azeroth. Minor arrhythmia detected, but vitals within acceptable parameters. Incident reports updated.
Chamber of Heart
  • Subject: Azeroth. Major arrhythmia detected.
Vitals exceeding acceptable parameters.
Attempting to update incident reports...
  • Subject: Azeroth.
WARNING: Catastrophic system failure in progress
Planetary integrity at--
calculating... calculating... calculating...
  • WARNING: Multiple containment breaches registered.
Recommended expurgation of following facilities:
Uldaman. Uldum. Uldorus. Ulduar. Uldir. Uldaz. Uld... Uld... Uld... Uld...


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