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| race = [[Orc]]
| race = [[Orc]]
| character = [[Warrior]]
| character = [[Warrior]]
| affiliation = [[Blackrock Clan]], [[Dark Horde]], [[Black Tooth Grin Clan]], [[Old Horde]]
| affiliation = [[Blackrock Clan]], [[Dark Horde]], [[Black Tooth Grin Clan]], [[Horde (pre-Thrall)|Horde]]
| faction = [[Dark Horde]]
| faction = [[Dark Horde]]
| occupation = Co-founder of the [[Black Tooth Grin Clan]].
| occupation = Co-founder of the [[Black Tooth Grin Clan]].

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Son of former warchief Blackhand the Destroyer, brother of Rend Blackhand and Griselda.

After their father’s assassination, Maim and his brother Rend took what followers they could and splintered off from the Blackrock Clan, making the Black Tooth Grin clan. They did this to retain some of the power which they believed was their birthright, and also to ensure that Orgrim Doomhammer would take no action against them. During the Second War, they were given control of the Dark Portal.

His history since then is told by Eitrigg, a former member of the Blackrock Clan:

At the end of the Second War, Rend and his brother, Maim, fled to find sanctuary within the mountainous stronghold of Blackrock Spire. It was there that Rend declared himself Warchief of the weakened Blackrock clan.
Rend and his brother Maim ruled the Spire, in constant conflict with the Dark Iron Dwarves. They managed to displace the dwarves in the upper portion of the city, but only after the dragons came and only after the death of Maim.