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Major Frost Protection Potion

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  • Major Frost Protection Potion
  • Use: Absorbs 3480 to 4971 Frost damage. Lasts 2 min. (1 Min Cooldown)
  • Requires Level 60
  • Sell Price: 50s

Major Frost Protection Potion is a consumable that protects the player from frost attacks and all spells.


Major Frost Protection Potion is created by Alchemists with a skill level of 360.

The components are:
Inv elemental primal water.png 1x [Primal Water] Inv misc herb manathistle.png 3x [Mana Thistle]
Inv alchemy leadedvial.png 5x [Crystal Vial]

The above components produce 5 potions.

The  [Recipe: Major Frost Protection Potion] is dropped from Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs.

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