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Mak'gora (film universe)

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For the duel from the main universe, see Mak'gora.
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

The mak'gora is an ancient tradition for the orcs. It is a duel fought to the death between participants. It can be fought hand-to-hand or with weapons, but the use of magic is considered cheating.

Known mak'gora

Gul'dan cheats during his mak'gora with Durotan.
Mak'gora between Blackhand and Lothar.
  • Issued by an orc from the Thunderlord clan to Grukag. The challenge was over the claim to prey during a joint hunt with Thunderlords and Frostwolves. Grukag won.[1]
  • Issued by the leader of a group of Red Walkers to Garad. The Red Walkers were facing certain defeat during a battle against the Frostwolves. Garad was weakened by an illness caused by Gul'dan's knife during an earlier parlay. The Red Walker knew this when he issued the challenge and easily won.[2]
  • Issued by Nokrar to Durotan. Nokrar and several other Frostwolves wanted to leave the clan and join the Horde, but Durotan refused to let them leave.[3] Durotan won but refused to slay Nokrar due to the dwindling numbers of their clan.[4][5]
  • Issued by Durotan to Gul'dan. Gul'dan cheated by using fel to kill Durotan.
  • Issued by Blackhand to Anduin Lothar. Blackhand wanted to avenge the loss of his hand during a previous fight with Anduin. Anduin won, avenging the death of his son by Blackhand and earning the respect of the orcs who allowed him to leave their camp peacefully.



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