Malfunctioning Golem

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MobMalfunctioning Golem
Image of Malfunctioning Golem
Race Zandalari golem (Elemental)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bone Pit, Vol'dun[46.8, 50.4]
Status Killable

The Malfunctioning Golem is a Zandalari golem that runs erratically around a shallow pool of water in the eastern part of the Bone Pit in Vol'dun. When it is destroyed, a group of Released Spirits emerge from it.



We must... escape...
Malfunctioning Golem says: We are released...
A group of Released Spirits appear.
Released Spirit says: Zak'rajan must pay for imprisoning us!
The spirits disappear.

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