Malicious Instructor

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MobMalicious Instructor
Image of Malicious Instructor
Gender Female
Race Shivarra (Demon)
Level 70 - 71
Health 20,465 - 35,693
Mana 9,465 - 9,693
Location Shadow Labyrinth

Malicious Instructors are level 70 elite shivarra found in the Shadow Labyrinth instructing the Cabal Shadow Priests and Cabal Acolytes


  • Mark of Malice-Places 5 charges of the mark of the Shivan on the target. Each time a marked target is hit with a weapon attack, one charge is expended. If all charges are expended within 30 sec the mark detonates violently, dealing 3150 to 3850 damage to the target.
  • Shadow Nova
  • Disarm-Heroic Only

Objective of

N [70] Wanted: Malicious Instructors

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