Malik the Unscathed

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NeutralMalik the Unscathed
Image of Malik the Unscathed
Gender Male
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Klaxxi
Location Various
Status Deceased
"Heroes never die."

Malik the Unscathed is a level 90 mantid paragon found in the Dread Wastes. First found and awakened in the Clutches of Shek'zeer[44, 41] he proceeds to Klaxxi'vess to aid the Klaxxi.

During the quest N [90] The Empress' Gambit, Imperial Vizier Zor'lok kills Malik. Should players still need his enhancement, the Halberd of the Unscathed can be found on the weapon rack in Klaxxi'vess.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Dread Wastes 90 1,969,705
Klaxxi'vess 90 393,941



  • I stand ready.
  • The Klaxxi have called.
  • Much has changed.
  • We have mutual goals.
  • Speak, Wakener.
  • I serve the Klaxxi immortal! Who do you serve?
  • Some sort of "King" or "Warchief" probably, born in this century!
  • Let me make this clear, Lorewalker!
  • I have pass gas that blasted longer than your entire civilization!
  • You are dismissed.
  • The cycle is eternal.
  • Fight well.
  • Lay waste to our foes.

Mantid are born with little on their mind but a lust for battle. Participation in a swarm is not only a cultural rite of passage - it is the catalyst for our physical maturation.

Only those who return from battle can develop from a swarmborn into a fully-aware, individual citizen.

Klaxxi enhancement

The trick, Wakener, is to be like water. Do not resist your enemy's force - simply flow with it. Let his blows drift past you. Then IMPALE HIM.

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