Maltha Silenthoof

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NeutralMaltha Silenthoof
Image of Maltha Silenthoof
Title <Skyhorn Emissary>
Gender Female
Race Highmountain tauren (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 10,392,670
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Skyhorn tribe
Location Screeching Crag, Highmountain [47.2, 48.0]
Status Alive

Maltha Silenthoof is a Highmountain tauren quest giver and member of the Skyhorn tribe found in the southeastern corner of the Screeching Crag in Highmountain, next to a dead moose.



When spoken to prior to completing N [100 - 110] Hex-a-Gone:

The Skyhorn are not the only ones to suffer at the hands of the harpies.
The wildlife native to these mountains are plagued by the witches' cruelty and chaos, and without Morashu to guide their spirits, they will never know peace.

When spoken to after completing the quest:

Our battle against the harpies is ongoing, but your actions have helped restore some balance to the basin.
With Morashu's spirit reborn, he will once again be able to guide other animals back to nature.

On both occasions, the following dialogue option is available:

Gossip Tell me more about Morashu.
Morashu has lingered in these mountains as long as any tribe. His presence is needed to carry out the cycle of life and death that keeps nature in balance.
It is said that Morashu guides the spirits of animals when they meet their end. He is with them when the light leaves their eyes, and leads them down a path where their spirits may rejoin nature.

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